My Life Films

Services provided
— Brand identity
— Brand positioning
— Print design

How do you sensitively evolve an existing brand identity while capturing a charity’s positive impact and the deeply personal nature of their work? My Life Films are an award-winning charity who make life-story films that transform the lives of people living with dementia.

Idea & Difference
The charity’s pioneering approach is profoundly personal, moving beyond the illness to capture an individual’s rich life of experiences and memories in a unique life-story film. Through a series of brand workshops across the organisation, Karoshi helped the charity define their positioning and articulate their brand promise. We retained the handwritten approach to the word mark, but completely redrew the lettering to give it a softer, more approachable feel. The existing typography was replaced with a more humanist, geometric sans-serif typeface, selected for its clarity and accessibility. A brighter, more optimistic hero colour was introduced, supported with a vibrant secondary palette. A direct approach to portraiture is contrasted with candid and unobtrusive photography, capturing the positive impact of the charity’s work. Through close collaboration with the filmmakers, a bold and versatile graphic style was developed for audio-visual use.

“Karoshi not only brought a highly skilled and rigorous approach to the project, but they were also hugely sensitive to all that had gone before. We felt listened to and supported throughout a comprehensive process. When necessary, we were skilfully directed to continue the development of our thinking, and how we could better articulate what was important to us. The result is an exciting evolution of our brand identity, and a platform from which we can develop our marketing and communications in a powerful way to have relevance to a wide range of audiences.” Andrew Webb, Executive Director, My Life Films