Butterfly Trust

Services provided
— Brand identity
— Strapline creation

How do you meet a charity’s need, not just for a new identity, but for an easily managed and cost effective identity system? The Butterfly Trust is a charity supporting people with Cystic Fibrosis, and their families, in Scotland. Being a relatively small, hands-on charity it was vital that they achieved maximum mileage from their identity and were able to implement it to best effect.

Idea & difference
As the charity approached their 10th anniversary, we wanted to achieve greater stand out in a more competitive landscape. Our single colour ‘Saltire blue’ identity is impactful and ownable, giving the charity more immediate recognition. Similarly, our new strapline, ‘Cystic Fibrosis support for Scotland’ succinctly states their mission. The overall message of the charity is now more positive and helps to emphasise the enabling aspect of their work. Our guidelines were produced in an easy to use poster format that enables practical, straightforward application of the identity. A rebrand that is impactful, easy to apply and cost effective.

Butterfly Trust – Designed by KaroshiButterfly Trust – Designed by Karoshi

Butterfly Trust – Designed by Karoshi