Happy logos

Happy Logos – written by Karoshi

Ever noticed how many logos appear to be smiling at you? It has been said that there are around 50 types of smiles that humans use, most of which can be understood immediately. This could be one of the reasons why so many designers have adopted it as a device. In much the same way as you would select that one particular ‘emoji’ out of the range of 18 simple smiley yellow faces, the clever use of a curved line or shape can appear to tell the viewer a very particular message.

Many of these examples integrate a hidden message along with this device, such as ‘Amazon’ using its smile to show they sell everything from A to Z and ‘National Express’ taking you from one location to the next. Although, it is through an example like ‘Argos’ that a smile is symbolized for the clear purpose of conveying a particular emotion and value. With its smile stretching the full length of the logotype, it gives a welcoming, friendly tone coupled with a confident perception from it’s controlled curvature.

Above all, the smile’s ability to be understood universally is what makes the device so useful. It is unlikely that smiling at someone in a different country would give the undesired reaction. In general everyone likes and wants to feel happy so a brand who can suggest they will make their customers smile is an attribute that would clearly explain its popularity.